Best Travel Apps for 2022

Travel apps can be helpful in planning and managing your trip. There are countless travel apps available for download with different features and functionalities. However, you may also find it challenging to sort out and find the best travel apps for you. Not all apps are helpful. So, to help you avoid the dreadful experience of picking worthless apps, here’s a list of the four best travel apps.


TripIt is a fantastic travel app for handling your travel itinerary. Traveling can be hectic, and TripIt will help you automatically sort out your itinerary so that you can view and edit all items in your plan. You can opt for the pro version with the additional benefit of notifying you of flight cancellations or delays and finding alternative routes—Android and iOS support TripIt.


This fantastic app will help you find cheap accommodation and interact more closely with locals during your trip. With the app, you can connect with locals who can offer accommodation in their homes for free. Also, you can use the app to find and hang out with locals and other travelers. Couchsurfing is compatible with Android and iOs devices.


Drops is a great language app that will help you overcome this challenge. With Drops installed on your Android or iPhone device, you can learn new languages, words, and phrases easily through written and audio formats. Moreover, the premium version comes with additional features worth the investment.


Searching and booking your flight, car hire, and hotel is more accessible with the Skyscanner travel app. This great app will search for all available flights, car hire services, and hotels in a particular area, including their prices. And this will then help you in making informed decisions. You can still use Skyscanner to place your bookings. What a convenient app.

Take Away

These four fantastic travel apps serve different purposes in your travel experience. You can still explore other amazing travel apps that you can also use.