Single Mom Travel Tips and Advice

Single Mom Travel Tips and Advice

Traveling with kids can be a challenge for a single mom. However, it can be an awesome experience if you take your time to prepare for the trip. Here are useful tips to help a single mom to travel with little kids. 

Flying with Children 

When flying with little children, a single mom has to juggle luggage, kids, and travel documents. That means her hands will be full. Therefore, it’s advisable to do everything possible to avoid standing for a long time in queues. For instance, a single mom can check-on online for their flight 24 hours before the departure time. They can also download the mobile app of the airline for easy access or print out the boarding passes. 

Additionally, a single mom should know all applicable rules regarding the identification required for them and kids to fly. Single moms should also opt for family lanes when going through security at the airport. These are mostly shorter. 

It’s also crucial to figure out how to move from the airport to the hotel room once the plane lands. A good way to do this is by researching the hotel you wish to stay with your kids. Find out whether it provides airport transfer or a shuttle service. 

Select Kids-Friendly Hotel 

Almost every hotel purports to be child-friendly. However, you should not take the word of a hotel without conducting your research. 

For instance, find out if the hotel you want to choose provides the following: 

  • A mini-fridge for storing juice, milk, and snacks.
  • Complimentary travel cot or crib that’s easy to set up in a room. 
  • A program for children at the destination resort. 
  • A separate splash pad or pool for kids to cool off. 
  • Free Wi-Fi and breakfast. 

In addition to being kids-friendly, the hotel should make you feel comfortable as a single mom. For instance, it should have the necessary security measures to ensure your safety and that of your kids.